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Do You Have an Open Door Policy with Your Copier?

Open Door Policy with Your Copier

Most businesses today need a number of tools to function. One of the tools that a company needs to function properly is a copier. A copier is a machine that makes copies of documents. Nowadays, a copier’s capability extends to copying things, videos and audio recordings. If you’re planning to start a business, having a copier at hand would be a huge advantage.

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Modern companies place importance on proper workplace relationships. Year after year, morale gets better as open-door policies are implemented, encouraging transparency between employees and higher-ups. 

What is an Open Door policy?

An Open Door Policy encourages employees to stop by and ask questions to their superiors whenever they need assistance. It is a form of mutual respect in a positive office setting.

What does having an Open Door Policy with your copier mean?

As the term implies, an open-door policy with employees means that anyone in the company is allowed to use the copier for their own task. It is easily accessible within the office floor to improve productivity. But sometimes, this much openness can prove to be a security risk. This is a definite no-no, especially because this equipment was acquired through copier leasing

Things to do to ensure the safety of your copiers

Implementing Administrative Changes

Making user accounts catered to individual employees can reduce the risk of its being misused. Many copiers are high spec, and if you own one that’s been manufactured in the last ten years, it is possible to add customized accounts. Each user will have their own account, and the range of activities that they can do with a copier is limited depending on their company clearance level.

This is also more convenient as first-time users can become confused when dealing with a multifunction device. Limiting their actions helps them learn how to use a copier better.

Add Security Features and Protocols

Open door policies also risk the possibility of certain documents and other soft copy data getting stolen. Sometimes an employee can lose a document, and it can go unreported. Most IT decision-makers are aware of this fact. It has been reported that 65% of documents have gone missing, and 64% of employees have lost documents outside the company.

Adding security features like authentication and proper access restriction to some cloud files is recommended to avoid company breaches. Make sure to add a failsafe to prevent unauthorized personnel from printing confidential records and sensitive financial information.

Remember to properly organize documents in your company. One small mistake can lead to a rogue employee using the copier for less than desirable purposes.

Proper Maintenance

Copiers in companies with open-door policies are used every day. It is important to check if the equipment is in proper condition every day, especially when you’re availing of copier leasing services in Orange County. Always check the copier for any damage or paper jamming. Regularly change the ink and test its printing capabilities. Accidents can sometimes happen in the office leading to damaged or short-circuited copiers. 

Controlled Use 

It is incredibly wasteful to print documents you don’t need. It is costly to print color pages, and the amount of waste that this act will generate will aggravate and produce unneeded company costs.

The use of copiers must always be monitored. An Open Door Policy doesn’t mean it’s an anything-goes situation. Employees must be briefed on its proper use and be disciplined to avoid unnecessary waste. 


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