Which is Better: Inkjet or Laser?

Finding the right printer always needs time as you have to consider a lot of factors that you want for your printer. One of the things you want to consider is what type of printer you want and if it would suit your needs. There are two types of printers: the inkjet and the laser printer. You must know what kind of work you have in your workplace so you know which type of printer would suit your company in the long run. You must do a bit of research while you haven’t decided on what kind of printer you want.

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The first type of printer is the inkjet. Usually, they are smaller and can be carried as they are also lightweight. It is good for the home office or inside your bedroom as it won’t take up much space. They can also be transferred anywhere you want easily. 

The second type of printer is the laser printer. They are bigger compared to inkjet printers. They are good for offices as they have a larger space for them to move about when being transferred from one place to another.


One of the things you must consider in choosing a printer is the printouts. Inkjet can produce quality prints when it comes to photos and documents that are filled with images. They do a good job of blending to produce the vibrant colors of the images. A laser printer can also print images but only simple graphics as it is a challenge for them to print any complex images or photos.


Inkjet is slower compared to laser printers. Users who print a high volume of documents will be able to notice the difference between the two printers.


Inkjet printers use ink cartridges that can be refilled once used up while laser printers use ink toners. Ink for inkjets can be a bit expensive compared to ink for laser printers, especially for those users who print a lot of documents regularly as they are forced to buy more cartridges as it can only print a couple of hundred pages. Laser printers use toners that are cheaper as time passes when the user prints a high volume as they can print a thousand pages compared to the ink cartridges that inkjet printers are using. Toner is also better for storage than ink as it doesn’t dry out and can even last for a couple of months without being used in your printer. They also don’t smear the paper as it only needs a few seconds to dry as they are using a toner powder.


If you use the printer frequently to produce prints and copies, laser printers are the best as you would be able to maximize the use of the printer especially if you are only printing text documents or the graphics are not complex while in huge volumes.

Duty Cycle

Inkjet printers have paper trays that can only handle 50 – 100 sheets of paper. Compared to laser printers, the latter can handle printing jobs of high volume as they have duty cycles that are higher than inkjet printers.

Whether you are looking for an inkjet or laser printer, you always have to put into consideration the volume of the printing job that you are going to do. This will always be the deciding factor to prevent yourself from having any regrets in the long run. 

You must always take into consideration if the printer that you will acquire is the one that would suit your printing needs not just because it is cheaper or smaller but because of its functions for your daily work. This can make or break your business’ productivity and your client’s trust in your business.


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