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Is 3D Printing The New Trend?

Three-dimensional printing has come a long way since its initial introduction and is fast becoming a go-to choice for many printing requirements. During its infancy, 3D printing was only used for the purpose of being able to make a working prototype which will then be used as a basis of the design for mass production. This used to be the prevalent practice because the materials needed to make a successful 3D printout are very high. Using 3D prints would prove to be very costly and impractical. The machine itself took up a lot of space and it used to cost an arm and a limb. The printing process took a long time to finish since the process of printing layer per layer took a while to complete.

However, in 2019, the improvements and changes in 3D printers have allowed for great improvements in the field. The printer itself has become more compact in size which allows for a more accessible price. The filament and other materials needed for printing are also becoming more competitively priced as it becomes easily available in the market.  The printing time has dramatically improved, as well. This aspect has provided the printer with the ability to make multiple prints of the exact same quality at a fraction of the time it used to take to make prints.

This has attracted not just people in the professional fields but even enthusiasts and hobbyists who are keen on making models and specialised parts related to their interests. This increased demand has, in turn, caused an increase in the production of both printers and raw materials for this particular mode of printing. 

 Is 3D Printing the New Trend?

3-dimensional printing or additive manufacturing is the enabling of the construction of three-dimensional objects based on a computer-aided design. The process essentially involves the depositing or joining of materials by which the material is added layer by layer. The materials may vary from powder, liquid to plastics and the printing process is done under the control of the computer. With this process, the printed output is assured of its precision and faithful reproduction according to the design of the user.

3D printing is known for its ability to produce very complex designs and shapes which would have been near impossible to be created by hand or other machinery. Since the materials used for printing are lighter in weight than the typical wood, glass or metal elements, the printed output is usually lighter even if they are intricate in design. Because of this, the potential for this mode of printing is vast and seemingly unlimited. 

Finding major uses in the fields of manufacturing, architecture, arts and even the medical field. Its uses are varied and wide-arrayed as it can be used in order to achieve a more fitted and customised output. From architectural models that are more in tune with the vision of the architect to the equally important intricately designed art pieces, these 3D prints are really such a wonder to behold. The level of customisation and exactness is unparalleled and remains to be one of the best features that 3D orienting can provide for its users.

Yes, 3d printing is indeed the new trend in printing. However, despite its relative infancy in the market for mass production and the hype generated because of its many uses and the increasing quality of print output, this trend is not foreseen to die out any time soon, if at all. This mode of printing is surely a welcome improvement to the field and has opened the doors to more advanced processes and printing methods in the future.

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