Getting to Know Your Copier Lease Services Provider

Thinking about entering into a copier lease for your business? Many businesses now delve into copier leasing. This serves as their best option for their printing needs. Copier leasing in Orange County offers a wide array of state-of-the-art equipment. These types of equipment are renowned brands in the market. They even have advanced strategies.

Their specialists showcase the following procedure:

  1. Managed Print Service
  2. Document Management and
  3. Workflow Optimization Solutions Integration – IT Managed Services.

Their copier leasing services in Orange County also offer maintenance and repair services by efficient technicians. These technicians are always ready to render service anytime, anywhere, 24/7. They are also known for their exceptional skills in handling types of equipment. Thus, presenting advanced features of their machines.

But the question is: How well do you know your copier lease agreement? Understanding your copier lease terms is crucial to getting a fair lease agreement. You need to compare terms and rates to avoid unpleasant surprises whenever the lease comes to an end. Read more to understand a few important things before signing any lease agreement:

Though the leasing companies’ offers sound acceptable to you, do not jump into the cliff yet that easy. With this having said, you must take the time to assess first what copier your business needs. What type of copier suits your printing needs? Otherwise, you may end up paying for systems and features you don’t need. For example, you must determine how many copies you print per month and get the average. If it’s 25,000, then don’t lease a machine capable of producing ten times as many. 

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Here are five fair questions you should ask about your copier lease:

Is this lease a fair market value or a dollar buy-out?

Fair market value is the most common of all. At the end of the lease, you buy the machine for its fair market value. While dollar buy-outs seem attractive at first—you buy the copier for $1 when the lease expires. But you will pay more in interest and fees over the life of the lease.

Who owns the hard drive when the lease expires?

Some copiers and multifunction devices have a hard drive. Find out whether you can remove, destroy or clean it. This is important to maintain the confidentiality clause in the leasing agreement.

Do the lease terms include property tax?

All business property is accessible and taxable, with a few exceptions. Will you be billed by the country, or will your leasing company include it in your terms?

Will the service agreement roll into the lease?

If the answer to this question is yes, you will only get one bill from your leasing company. If not, you will have to pay a separate maintenance agreement fee.

Is it possible to amend the copier lease agreement terms?

Some leasing agreement terms offer flexible payment terms. The clients also have an option for upgrades.

You might want to make two changes:

1. Reducing the least number of monthly copies in the service agreement and

2. Ending the lease before it expires.

If you wish to make changes, it means flexibility is essential to you. Talk to the leasing company about what you can do about it and what it might cost you.

Spend a little time upfront when you’re ready to lease a copier. Do this to make sure you and your new device are the perfect matches. This will save you money, increase productivity, and lessen the need for service calls down the road. Now, grab the best leasing deal available. Make sure that the leasing company has the best price guarantee. Never lose options in weighing the best copier leasing agreement you will ever have.


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