Rent, Buy or Lease Your Copier_ How to Decide

Choosing from these three is somehow difficult and needs important things to think about and consider. Two possible comparisons will be considered. The first one is when to lease or buy a copier, and the next one is if you will rent or buy a copier machine. What does that mean? Here are the guides for you.

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“Would you buy a new one, lease a copier, or rent one?” It is hard to choose between. But you have to decide between the two you have to choose. You have loved that printer, and you are under great pressure to buy, rent, or lease a copier machine. Do not panic. Here are some guidelines that you can read to help you decide


PROS: If the copier you have bought in the last five years is expensive. For example, its price is 20,000 or much higher, and you will find it hard to let go of it as it cost too pricy. You will be reluctant to purchase a new one because of this factor. Another one, it has a great sentimental value or worth to you, so the decision-making will not be that easy. 

CONS: The cons will be that you will spend money and effort to repair it again once it has problems and issues. This will continue until you end your life, and you will be disappointed with the money you have spent.


Pros: Well, when you lease a copier, it can increase less the business expenditure and just spend less money than buying one over a long period. Instead of buying an expensive one, leasing cannot spend money to purchase an expensive one. An individual or a company is beneficial as they don’t pay too much to buy one.

Cons: On the contrary, when you lease a copier and compute the amount of money you spend leasing on it over the period you pay, it can be equal to the price of a new one. Also, maintenance and repairs will be charged to you once it gets ruined or a part is damaged. This adds to your payments to the person you leased to. You will worry about that issue when it happens. Instead of having one, you will not have your own because you just leased, which is close to the total amount when you purchase new.


PROS: Renting is done for a short period. There are many reasons why a person rents a copier or anything. It can be; they just need it for a purpose, for a short time, and others they are forced to rent and not to buy or lease. If you will only use it for a short time and then you will not need it next time, renting is a very good decision. Why buy a product such as a copier if you will just use it over a short period? Just rent instead. 

CONS: You will be frustrated if it seems you are renting a copier often. This only means that you are renting a copier more than you expect. It is a problem when renting. But renting is best when only to use once or only for a short time.

To summarise, these three are all the best choices to pick. Each has a purpose according to what you want. But if you have to so less cost, lease when not thinking about the price when buying one, and rent is going to use the copier once or fewer times. This is what you have to consider before deciding.

Buy, lease, or rent according to your needs. 

Buying, leasing, renting a copier have their purpose; just consider the tips above.


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